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Aug. 11, 2016 in

Real Estate, Renting vs. Buying

Buy or Rent? What You Need to Know Before You Decide

At some point, you’ll ask yourself the question: “Is it time to buy a home?” The decision has never been more complex. With careers, priorities and housing markets more individual than ever, the issue of whether to buy or rent takes some careful thought. In the end, a few basic factors will help you determine whether you’re ready to take the...

Is a Rent to Buy Property the Right Choice?

Rent to buy properties can be a great way to get the house or condo you want if you're not quite ready to make that leap into a mortgage. However, they also carry certain risks, so it's important to understand exactly what entering into a rent to buy contract entails.

5 Questions to Determine If You Should Buy or Rent Your Home

Typically, buying a house is viewed as a smart decision overall. However, such a big life move is uniquely personal to your specific circumstances and should be fully evaluated before making a decision.So, how do you decide what’s best for you? Here are five questions to help you determine if you should buy or rent a home.

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