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A Timeline of the Home Buying Process

For many, owning a home is one of the greatest acquisitions in life. The sense of ownership is rewarding and the life you build in your new home will be full of unforgettable memories. Each year in the United Sates, some 1.5 million achieve this dream and find a place to call their own.

Important Steps to Take Before Checking Out the Real Estate Market

Buying a home can be overwhelming, especially for first time buyers. However, there are several sources of education available to help guide on how to buy a house as a first time home buyer. This article provides a guide on the various steps to follow before jumping into the real estate market.

The Steps to Get a Mortgage

A considerable number of home buyers require a mortgage to realize their dream of home ownership. However, this does not imply that lenders easily give them out to anyone who asks. As a buyer, you should know the process and requirements that must be met to get the mortgage you’ll need.

First Time Home Buyer Guide to Finding the Right Mortgage

First time home buyers will find that the home buying process is never the same for any two people. Not only does this process depend on your local market and the type of home you are looking for, but your individual qualifications as a buyer as well. This article will serve as a first time home buyer guide to help you understand the factors...

Reasons to Buy Your First Home in Swansea MA

There aren’t many towns which offer residents river views, access to the coastline and proximity to several major cities within three states -- but Swansea MA is one such charmed place. When you’re looking for a town in which to buy your first home, historic Swansea makes an ideal choice. With just under 16,000 people living there, the...

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