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It’s Tax Season – Put Your Refund to Good Use

It’s tax season, and many Americans are getting ready to file for their tax refund. While it can be tempting to view this refund as “free” money and want to spend it like discretionary income, it is also important to keep in mind that this is money you have worked for and simply paid in excess. If you want to put your tax refund to use to help...

Get On Track to Paying Off Your Holiday Debt with These Tips!

Another holiday season has come to an end. While it is great to spread holiday cheer, sometimes we can end up spending more than we can afford, leaving us with debt that lasts longer than the holidays. In fact, in 2018, the average American accrued $1,054 in debt during this season, leaving many Americans feeling far from jolly. With 2019...

Utilizing Different Accounts to Best Manage & Save Money

Although the well-known saying is “less is more,” that isn’t necessarily true when deciding if you want to open additional checking or savings accounts. Having multiple accounts can be extremely beneficial for helping you manage and save your money. If you are exploring the idea of opening an additional account to meet your financial goals, we...

Benefits of a Checking Account with Interest

Checking accounts with interest allow the account holder to earn interest on easily accessible cash, and not all checking accounts bear interest! These special accounts combine features of both checking accounts and savings accounts, making them an excellent choice for many consumers depending on their financial needs.

Make the Most of Your Holiday Shopping Budget with These Tips!

The holiday season is officially here, and although it’s fun to buy gifts for the ones you love, sticking to a budget can get stressful. To help make your holiday shopping more enjoyable without breaking the bank, we’ve compiled some tips that will save you time AND money this season!

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