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How to Budget for Big Expenses or Purchases

No matter how detailed your monthly budget spreadsheet is, life happens, and when it does, hopefully, you're prepared. Large and unexpected expenses can make sticking to a consistent spending plan challenging, especially if you live paycheck-to-paycheck and try your best to keep spending to the minimum. Unexpected expenses can throw off even...

Why Financial Literacy & Financial Health Are Important

There is a significant difference between being financially literate and achieving financial well-being. Financial literacy is the junction of economic, credit, and debt management knowledge needed to make financially responsible choices fundamental to our everyday lives. Financial literacy impacts families as they try to balance their budget,...

4 Ways to Rebuild or Save for Your Emergency Fund

An emergency fund can quite literally save your life in extreme cases and provide you with overall financial stability. During uncertain times, having even merely a few hundred dollars in an emergency fund can provide you with the security and help you need. However, for many people the struggle begins with actually getting and maintaining...

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Credit Score, Personal Finance

3 Ways to Protect Your Credit When Money is Tight

Maintaining a good credit score or fixing a hurt score can often be daunting and discouraging but is still incredibly important. Credit plays a significant role in your overall financial health, as a higher credit score can grant access to countless benefits and opportunities, and a lower score can often hinder your financial growth.

Tips to Proactively Protect Your Data from Identity Theft

Identity theft is an increasingly popular crime, with someone becoming a victim almost every minute. Scammers take advantage of any opportunity they can, including the COVID-19 crisis. Being an identity theft victim is an unpleasant experience, and recovery can take a lot of time and effort. Unfortunately, there's no fail-safe way to avoid...

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