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What You Need To Know About Mortgage Interest Rates

A Mortgage is type of lending that enables you to pay a portion of home’s cost upfront, while the money a lending institution loans you covers the remainder. Despite you having a lot to gain from taking a mortgage, it’s imperative to know the numerous ins and outs of the process to set yourself up for financial success. Mortgage interest rates...

Mortgage Education for First Time Home Buyers

Being a first time home buyer is both exciting and daunting at the same time. It is a huge step in your life. If you come into the home buying experience without a solid base in mortgage education, it can be difficult to navigate. By preparing ahead of time for the process of being a home owner, you can be set up for success. It is important to...

how & why mortgage interest rates affect your payments

Few experiences in life are as exciting and exhausting as buying a home. Although many reality TV shows make home buying look easy, there are many technical, legal, and financial aspects to buying a home. Committing to a new home is huge a financial decision. The mortgage interest rate, the sum of money the bank charges for borrowing money, is...

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