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Important Steps to Take Before Checking Out the Real Estate Market

Buying a home can be overwhelming, especially for first time buyers. However, there are several sources of education available to help guide on how to buy a house as a first time home buyer. This article provides a guide on the various steps to follow before jumping into the real estate market.

How to Get Started on Your Down Payment Savings

Down payments can sometimes be an obstacle that stand between a first time home buyer and their dream home; but they don’t have to be! Putting down an initial lump sum of cash is no small investment. Typically, the rule of thumb for mortgages is to put down is 20% of the homes initial price. However, many people end up putting down less than...

First Time Buyer Mortgage Checklist

The first step for a homebuyer looking to enter the real estate market as a financed buyer is preparing for and gathering the information they need to apply for pre-approval. During the pre-approval process, the buyer is evaluated on whether they qualify for the loan and the amount of the mortgage they qualify for. This should not be confused...

Q&A for First Time Home Buyers

Q: What questions should I ask myself before applying for a loan?Buying a home is a very exciting time, but not knowing where to start or what to expect can leave new homeowners very stressed and anxious. Important factors to consider when buying a home are aspects like job stability, home mortgage loans, location, credit score, and down...

Stay Local for the Best Mortgage Lenders

You are ready to buy your first home but you have some decisions to make. In addition, to location, size and other home features, you also need to select a mortgage lender. Choosing the best mortgage lenders can be overwhelming but it is one of the most important decisions you need to make during the home buying process. You will be faced with...

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