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What Are My Mortgage Options If I Need a Low Down Payment?

Buying a home is a great long-term investment. However, qualifying for a mortgage will require a borrower to put forth a 20% down payment towards the purchase of the home. For many prospective buyers, this can be unaffordable. Fortunately, there are several ways that a borrower could qualify for a mortgage even if they have a low down payment.

Does a Zero Down Payment Seem Tempting? It's Usually Too Good To Be True

If you’re thinking about buying a home, you may have heard or seen advertisements for zero down payment loans. Lenders will sometimes use low or zero down payment as a teaser in advertisements to lure mortgage shoppers and begin a conversation. In reality, most people won't qualify for a zero down payment mortgage and for those who can qualify;...

Mortgage Gift Letter Template for First Time Home Buyers

If you are buying a home, it may be helpful for you to know that mortgage lenders allow financial gifts to be used towards a mortgage down payment. Gifts can be a valuable tool for people trying to finance their first home, and knowing how to correctly apply a mortgage gift to your down payment is important if you’re planning to receive a gift...

What is PMI & What You Should Know

Although the decision to own your home is exciting, it is definitely a process to get the best end result for you. Homeownership is an important and expensive investment that requires most people to save for a number of years. For most people, the journey to home ownership begins with making a down payment so they can take out a mortgage....

Don't Miss These 3 Important Steps to Buying a House!

First time home buyers often don’t realize the sheer amount of steps needed to purchase a home. It can become a complicated process without some forethought and planning before diving in. While there are several steps to buying a house, here’s a few you need to consider right off the bat.

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