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Apr. 28, 2017 in

Banking, Savings Accounts

Savings Accounts: What You Should Know

A savings account is a type of interest-bearing account offered for the most part by banks, credit unions and financial institutions.What Makes Savings Accounts Different from Checking Accounts?Checking accounts hold money you would use regularly, which is why they often come with checks or debit cards. Savings account funds typically stay in...

Apr. 26, 2017 in

Banking, Choosing a Bank

Choose the Right Bank for You from the Banks in Fall River

When it comes to looking at banks in the Fall River, MA area, you have a variety of choices, and finding a bank that best suits your needs is an important part of your financial success. This article explores things you should consider when choosing among local banks in Fall River.1. The Level of Customer ServiceNo matter what kind of specific...

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